Inland Lakes Images was started by Tim and Cindy Morley in 1996 as a fundraising effort for programs at Inland Lakes Schools. We shoot weddings, senior portraits, sports team and individuals, sports action, and nature.

Through the years, we have sponsored everything from recreational soccer teams, cross country uniforms, and the robotics team, but the main benefactor of fundraising has, and always will be, the journalism program at Inland Lakes. Tim got his start in photography on his high school yearbook staff. The experience changed his life. Our desire is to bring life-changing experiences to a new generation of students. In keeping with that goal, we have sponsored over 75 student trips to summer camps, as well as state and national scholastic journalism conventions. In addition, Inland Lakes Images equipment is available for student use in producing media. Whenever a need is recognized, we make sure students have what they need.

We keep our production costs low to maximize the benefit to students.