Closing Day

Indian River Golf Club’s final day of the 2018 season was today. The trees were still holding on to their leaves. I was the last one off the golf course. The general manager was waiting […]


Joshua Tree

One of my favorite places is Joshua Tree National Park. I spent a lot of time (ok, maybe too much)¬†climbing there while I was at USC. During all the time I ever spent at JTree, […]


Cropping for impact

I’ve been teaching a Beyond the Basics photography class for MIPA this week. When I talked about cropping for maximum impact, I used this image as the demonstration. Immediately when we crop the man behind […]


Cabin fever

As the snow accumulates and the days get shorter, I find myself daydreaming of the next trip, the next adventure, the next photo safari. Ever since my parents took us on an epic road trip […]